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Cocooning is a clever dual action & dual use mask. It combines the benefits of a mechanical scrub (coconut shells) with a soft organic peeling action provided by its exotic ingredients. 

Bivalent use, Cocooning may be used either with pure water or a neutral oil in order to meet the needs of different skin types.

Our Rinse-Off masks range

Solutions for a gentle and efficient skin care thanks to the use of natural components.

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VINPAI Cosmetics Rinse-off masks offer solutions for soft and gentle skin care thanks to the use of natural ingredients.

The beauty protocol requires measurement and mixing for an efficient application.

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Peel-off masks - the use of algin in cosmetics

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Rinse-off Powder Oily

Upcycled masks

To give a second chance to ingredients coming from the cosmetics and food industries, and considered as wastes.

Powder Gel Rinse-off

CBD range

The precious properties of hemp oil and cannabidiol in cosmetics: regenerative, antioxidant, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.

Gel Powder

Men range

Moisturizing Peel-Off masks especially developed for men.

Gel Powder

Super Food Beauty

Union between beauty and functional foods known for their exceptional benefits for the skin.

Powder Gel


Designed with technically created actives with proven benefits, this range offers specific response to individuals specific beauty needs.

Gel Powder


Resourceful solutions for each skin type and any skin care ritual, formulated with natural actives with proven benefits.



Gorgeous Peel-Off that look like precious jewellery providing a highly moisturizing care for a beautiful skin in just a few minutes.


Natural Solutions

This range is designed using the best botanical actives and is inspired by treasures of Nature and the astonishing properties of plants.


Skin Action +

Solutions based on an efficient combination of antiaging actives, including Isoflavones & Peptides.


Body Pack

Solutions for a skin care on the whole body as well as specific areas (back, legs, breast, stomach).


Oily Emulsion

Based on cosmetics grade virgin vegetable oils, our Peel-Off masks are highly nutritious, especially dedicated to sensitive and dry skin types.


Rinse-off masks

Solutions for a gentle and efficient skin care thanks to the use of natural components.