By your side to develop your formulations.

With our innovative technological solutions, we provide you with applicative recipes associated to a production protocol


Already approved at the industrial stage, this tailor-made support can be adapted to your equipment for a strong reactivity in developing new products. 

Our catalog recipes can also be adapted according to your local raw materials for high quality end products. 


Thanks to our Reseach & Development and Innovation teams know-how, we help you develop new recipes or countertype already existing products.

By your side to develop your production process.

VINPAI team is helping you optimizing and implementing your production process, adapted to your products. 


We help you identify your needs in production lines. In doing so, we help you find the best equipment (new or second-hand) thanks to our partnerships developed directly with equipment suppliers. 

In that sense, we have a start-up kit solution for a very competitive price.


With our expertise at an industrial scale, we provide to our customers the tools to calculate their profitability after production and sale.