An innovative IngredienTech at the service of the industry

Improvement of the ingredients' naturalness for a better product offer legibility.

Functional ingredients for the food industry

Constant research for the balance of naturalness and practicality.

Flavour solutions for the food industry

Flavour developer since 25 years, we offer a unique flavour signature and a high flexibility.

Cosmetical solutions: peel-off masks, actives & ingredients

Thanks to its R&D, VINPAI Cosmetics has developed a unique know-how for its current ranges and its novelties.

Nutritional supplements solutions

Our ambition, to offer to the industry, ingredients to make nutrition the major axis of consumers' health.

Solutions for the medical devices industry

Thanks to our know-how in seaweed polysaccharides and their formulation technology, VINPAI offers to its customers solutions from dental to algin patch and moulding...

Our values

  • Innovation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • International

VINPAI at an international level

The company has sales in more than 40 countries.

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