The Emulsion mask: the essential cosmetic treatment!

1/10/2022 - Products

VINPAI Cosmetics Emulsion Peel-Off masks: ready to use, VINPAI Cosmetics combines the benefits of virgin oil with the best plant extracts and actives.


A second skin effect for sure !

VINPAI Cosmetics range "Oily emulsions" is formulated on the base of cosmetics grade virgin vegetable oils to offer highly nutritious Peel-Off masks, especially dedicated to sensitive and dry skin types.


Our selection :

  • Oleophase Lavender & Olive: suitable for all ages and skin types, it protects, softens and soothes the epidermis. Very comfortable and fresh on the skin during the beauty protocol, this amazing mask brings a healthier and reinvigorated skin-tone without greasy feeling.
  • Calming After-Sun: protects, softens and soothes the epidermis after a sun exposure. Very comfortable during the beauty protocol, its fresh feeling helps to calm the skin from sunburns. The delicate hazel nut scent reinforces the natural and relaxing skincare ritual.


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