The Glass Skin fashion trend: what is it?

6/25/2021 - Products

The Glass Skin trend: to obtain a luminous skin with a “crystalline” appearance without visible pores or even a single imperfection thanks to the superposition of several cosmetics. 


To obtain such glowing and radiant complexion, the skin must be hydrated to the maximum, just like if the morning dew had settled on the epidermis. 

Hydration is the key for a healthy and natural glow.. The translucent appearance is determined by the amount of light absorbed and reflected by the epidermis surface. The horny layer of the skin prevents the scattering of light, making the skin look darker and duller. 

A skin care ritual in several steps


1. A cleansing treatment:

  • to refine the skin texture 
  • remove impurities to tighten the pores.


2. A stimulating emulsion to balance water and oil present in the skin.


3. An appropriate serum for the specific needs of each skin (dryness, signs of aging, blemishes, redness...).


4. A protective cream to allow all the active ingredients to penetrate.


5. A specific mask two to three times a week for extra radiance.

VINPAI Cosmetics masks for a Glass Skin ritual


Silky Skin Rince-Off double action and dual use powder mask 

Cleanse the skin thanks to its scrubbing action (apricot kernels powder) and soft peeling (fruit enzymes: papain and bromelain). Extremely moisturizing and soothing thanks to honey.


Aloe Vera Peel-Off powder mask 

Formulated with a cocktail of peptides and isoflavones: helps to improve dry and sensitive skins and preserve it against early aging for a radiant complexion.


Moisturizing Peel-Off gel mask

Enriched in chitosan, powerful marine active, it helps to protect the skin from dehydration.


Protection & Radiance Peel-Off mask (powder & gel)

Protective and radiance-enhancing mask: moisturizes, soothes, refreshes and boosts the skin weakened by external stress factors. 

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