After sun skin care to enhance the tan!

7/1/2021 - Products

Summer season has arrived!

We all want to take advantage of the sun to enhance our tan. UVB protection is highly recommended to protect the skin against premature ageing signs!


It is also important to have a skincare routine to preserve the freshness and radiance of the complexion and enhance your tan!


  1. To prepare
  2. To protect
  3. To hydrate

2 steps to prepare the skin

  1. Softly clean and peel the skin with an exfoliating mask, 
  2. Then apply a highly moisturizing and skin protector mask.


Free radicals are generated by a long-term exposure to the sun. In order to protect itself, the skin needs a regular supply of vitamin E, with food supplement or cosmetic care.


Sun exposure tightens and dehydrates the skin. That is why, hydration is extremely important to regenerate skin cells, improve skin elasticity and fight skin aging.


The wonderful effects of after-sun skincare: it soothes and refreshes the skin and rebuilds the hydrolipidic barrier.


VINPAI Cosmetics skin care to prepare the skin to a sun exposure

  • Rince off Silky Skin 

Cleanse the skin thanks to its scrubbing action (apricot kernels powder) and soft peeling (fruit enzymes; papain and bromelain). Thanks to honey, it is extremely moisturizing and soothing for the skin.


  • Peel off gel Protection & Radiance 

An enhancing mask, highly moisturizing, rich in antioxidant and vitamins to reduce aging skin effects & hyperpigmentation. It helps to protect the epidermis.

VINPAI Cosmetics masks for an after-sun treatment

  • Peel off powder Aloe Vera 

Reduce skin damages caused by UVB-radiation ( Isoflavones & Vitamin E contain in spirulina), amazing cooling effect and hydration of Aloe Vera.



  • Peel off gel Timeless Skin 

Concentrated in peptides to activate collagen and elastin synthesis, rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and isoflavones for anti-aging properties and for a smoother and hydrate skin.


  • Oleophase Lavender & Olive 

Extremely nourishing and moisturizing mask thank to alginates and olive oil concentration. This amazing skincare with Lavender Essential Oil protects, softens and soothes the epidermis.

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