The price of fats is exploding! What solutions do you have?

5/3/2022 - Products

Vin'Fibra R84-R50 & Vin'Emulsio R25


Functional ingredients based on algae to reduce the fat content of your finished products: up to 25%.


Benefits & features

Vin'Fibra R84-R50

  • Additive alternative
  • Fiber enrichment
  • Texture improvement
  • Reduction of breakage (biscuits)
  • Pizza dough improvement
  • Reduction of the syneresis for sauces or soups

Vin'Emulsio R25

  • Additive alternative
  • Fiber enrichment
  • Alternative to egg yolk in vegan products
  • Emulsifier for ice creams

How to implement these solutions in your process?

  • Do not dissolve in water or oil
  • Incorporate in the middle or end of the process
  • Mix until completely incorporated


Find out whyand howto use VIN'FIBRA & VIN'EMULSIO thanks to our webinar on our Youtube channel!

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