Illuminating Mask

Illuminating Mask

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Illuminating Mask Peel-Off Emulsion is an after-sun skin care which nourrishes and protects the skin after its exposure. 

It is enriched in ingredients & actives with nourishing, repairing and antioxidant properties. 

Formulated with beta-carotene, llluminating Mask brings to the skin a natural tanning effect. 

Our Oily Emulsion range

Based on cosmetics grade virgin vegetable oils, our Peel-Off masks are highly nutritious, especially dedicated to sensitive and dry skin types.

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Based on cosmetics grade virgin vegetable oils, VINPAI Cosmetics Emulsion peel-off masks are easy to use: NO POWDER, NO WATER, NO MEASURING.

They offer a highly efficient professional treatment also fit for a use at home.

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Peel-off masks - the use of algin in cosmetics

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