The appearance of MASKNE

12/14/2020 - Products

Required in most public places since the beginning of COVID 19 pandemic, face masks have proven their effectiveness. 


However, wearing a face mask can lead to or worsen skin problems, such as breakouts, blackheads and rashes. Appeared during the coronavirus crisis, MASKNE is a mask-induced acne.


Maskne appears because of breathing for hours with a face mask on, it limits the airflow and creates a humid and warm environment on the skin - ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria that provoke acne breakouts. In addition, the friction of the mask on the skin may also clog pores, creating comedones and blackheads.

VINPAI Cosmetics Peel-Off masks help you to prevent maskne.

The wide range of VINPAI Cosmetics Peel-Off masks offers formulations with a large choice of actives that fit perfectly for anti-maskne beauty regimens of any skin type:


  • Black Charcoal Detox: Peel-Off gel mask, particularly recommended for oily skin subjected to  breakouts, thanks to Activated Charcoal strong detoxifying action.
  • Detox Treatment: Peel-Off powder mask, formulated with a cocktail of Spirulina, Wheatgrass and Exotic Basil to boost a skin stressed by impurities.
  • Enzymatic: gel and powder Peel-Off mask, helps to refresh the skin tone and to bring radiance.
  • Sensitive Skin: soothes delicate skin and helps to reduce unpleasant itching  feelings, thanks to Blueberry and Damas Rose Essential Oil.

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