Winter is coming...

10/5/2021 - Products

Wintertime is synonymous of temperature changes.

The key is to take care of your skin by moisturizing it deeply and regularly!

Discover VINPAI Cosmetics tips to counteract the negative effects of winter on your skin (dryness, redness, sensibility, irritations...).

1. A maximum hydration of the epidermis, 
2. To regenerate tissues,
3. And for an optimum protection!

To do so:
=> gently scrub your skin with the help of our rince-off Silky Skin mask (bromelain, papain and apricot kernels),

=> an intense hydration thanks to the Peel-Off gel Moisturizing mask (algin and chitosan),

=> an optimum relaxation with the Peel-Off powder or gel Protection & Radiance (oily macerate of carrot, strawberry, Prickly pear oil).

Your skin is now ready to face winter!

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