Alga Vitality rince off mask - upcycling

6/17/2022 - Products

What is upcylcing?


Overcycling is now an essential approach for manufacturers in the cosmetics sector in a world where environmental concerns are increasingly common. The aim of this movement is to counter the effects of the linear economy, a model that is unsustainable in the long term (natural resources that become waste), and to establish an alternative to over-consumption.


UPCYCLING is about giving value back to the waste products of the cosmetic and food industries = recycling and reusing


Alga Vitality, a rince off mask with upcycled ingredients!

With the aim of using marine ingredients that are destined to be thrown away, VINPAI Cosmetics has formulated a mask with wakame, sea spaghetti and ascophyllum.


The Alga Vitality Rince-Off mask combines the mineral properties of clay with the valuable benefits of the ocean. It has been developed to purify the skin and improve the radiance of the complexion with the gentle exfoliating action of seaweed.

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